BE Conference: Keynotes & Workshops

BE Conference: Keynotes & Workshops

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Develop your customer service and upselling skills; learn how to stand out at work and in your private life. This years’ BE Conference, taking place 24 June at Château Fond’Roy in Brussels, is all about you as an individual, about hospitality and service.

In the morning, guests will hear from hospitality superstars Vincent Vermeulen and Christel Cabanier. Gain knowledge about what companies can learn from butlers, women in leadership and the importance of hospitality in all businesses.

Following the keynote presentations, delegates will experience at first-hand what butler service feels like during lunch. After the seated networking lunch guests can partake in up to 3 workshops throughout the afternoon.

Workshop 1: Etiquette in the 21st Century

Learn how to stand out in your professional and private life. With a little bit of knowledge about modern etiquette and tips & tricks on how to interact with people around you, success will be yours!

  • The importance of etiquette in the 21st century for your personal and professional success;
  • Differences between protocol and etiquette;
  • Learn the differences between the French and English table, and become a pro in how a table should be dressed.

Workshop 2: Using body language to advance your career

Ideal for people wanting to treat themselves to a boost of self-confidence and wishing to discover the secrets of (body) language.

  • Discover the art of upselling and the finesse needed to succeed;
  • Learn how to use body language to your advantage;
  • Find out the 8 steps to self-confidence.

Workshop 3: Get Donald Trump’s Suitcase

Workshop that will surely come in handy for your next business trip abroad – or your upcoming summer holidays! Learn about the techniques and tools needed to packing a suitcase like a butler does. Butlers have been using these for centuries, all techniques are designed to avoid damage, wrinkles, creases, & waste of limited space.