Our careers section is designed to benefit our members and help jobseekers and employers move forward. Our web-based portal targets MICE professionals from Belgium and neighbouring countries, offering what other mass-market sites lack: industry-specific focus.

For jobseekers

The job board provides jobseekers with effortless, free job browsing & searching. Everyone can view all job listings and filter by keywords, location and type of employment (full- or part-time, freelance, volunteering…) for free.

    For employers

    Employers benefit from a straightforward platform on which they can post their vacancies in a fast and efficient manner. Listing job openings on our Job Board can provide exposure to qualified candidates in the industry. All employers are invited to post part-time, full-time, temporary & freelance jobs, as well as internships and volunteering positions. This service is free for our members. E-mail for more information.

    After posting your vacancy on ‘Post a Job’, our team will approve your job vacancy. Once approved, your listing will be published.

    Looking for more?

    Are you an MPI member and looking for a job in f.e. the US? Log into with your account and visit the MPI online career portal “Career Connections”. The Career Connections site also provides free access to a library of helpful articles, compiled by MPI resource specialists. As a job-seeking MPI member, you can use this site free of charge.